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Model Change Nude Patch Update

New Update for the Model Change nude patch. You must download it at the download section of my website, and you can overwrite the old one in the data folder to have these new edits in WoW.

goblin_model_change_icon succubus_model_change_icon

– Added Goblin Breast enhance from Dennis
– Added my own custom nude skins for the goblin, shaved & hairy edition
– Added Succubus breast enhance from Dennis
– Added my own custom nude skins for the succubus, shaved & hairy edition

Fixed WoW exe update 5.3.0.

I’ve uploaded a new fixed wow exe to the website so that you may use my nude patches for World of Warcraft in version 5.3.0. If you encounter any problems then just throw in a comment to this post. Enjoy wow yet again with some naked fun.

I may add that the “non model change” nude patch will work reguardless of any new patch that blizzard makes.

Edit: The fixed wow.exe has been updated to the correct version sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit 2: The exe has been updated again.

Edit 3: Updated for


Website update

I’ve done some updates for the website, namely adding the nude patches, fixed exe’s to the download section. I have also added all the links in the links section so that you may find some other very lovely websites for your naughty pleasures

WoW Nude Patches

I will add the nude patches to the download section soon so that you may enjoy the compilations i’ve done. I’ll also add Arokhs armory like before. I will also try to add older versions of the fixed WoW exe so that you can use the nude patches for older versions of wow.

Temporary website

Greetings everyone,

Zilem has allowed me to have wordpress hosted on his website. This means that I can use this as my temporary website. It will not function exactly as the old, there will not be a forum since the hosting provider does not allow more then 1 database and a forum requires a new database. This website is using wordpress which is using up that 1 database that is avaliable.

Besides this, this temporary blog will be hosting my Screenmanipulations, and the game that I am working on.

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