June's Gallery

Hey guys, you can find my work in the site’s Gallery section. I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. Enjoy!


Update 1 – June 2nd 2014:

I added some .obj dildos for you guys to incorporate into your own screen manipulations. Go to Forum>Screenmaipulations and visit the thread titled “A Set of Dildos.” I’ll add more per request. Have Fun!

Update 2 – June 9th 2014:

I added 13 new images of June and Wednesday’s exploits. See my thread @ Forum>Screenmaipulations. I also added them to my gallery. I hope you all enjoy them. Much respect to you guys.


5 Responses to June’s Gallery

  • was looking over ur work very nice indeed

  • Thanks a bunch. I am really glad you enjoyed those. I have a ton of improving to do. Stay tuned, more to come . <3 <3

    ummmmm no its lollie pops

  • So what program are you using? Blender?

    • I was using Blender, but I moved to Unity. The first screen manip I posted on Azerothica, the one of Esidien, was made with Blender. After that, Esidien taught me how to use Unity, which is what I used to pose Wednesday and June for their scenes and what I used to pose our Dildo aficionados as well.


      I want to learn a program other than Blender, something like 3ds or Maya. I have seen people working with those and they seem much nicer than Blender. Blender feels so clumsy at times… but it’s probably just me.

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