Azerothica 10th Anniversary

Greetings everyone!

Today marks a very special day here at my Azerothica website. It is  the 10th anniversary of Azerothica! Time flies, it is really hard to believe that 10 years has already passed. I remember the old days were most artists were posting on DarknestFantasyErotica, which is were I learned about a lot of different artists like Shina, Rexxart, Valnoressa, TrollPaxton, Zilem, and many others in the erotic Warcraft scene. Some are still around to this day and to all of you, keep it up!


As for the 10th Anniversary , I have had Shina cook up something for the occasion as it marks a special anniversary in my heart. 10 years of Azerothica !

I will keep Azerothica going for as long as I have interest in it, albeit I have not released much content over the years I am not going away. I will try have things updated but I will also say Blizzard does not make it easy to be motivated when the big mass banwave happened in April of 2019 hitting 1000’s of users using nude mods for World of Warcraft. I still to this day stopped using nude patches and anything that modifies the game client in any way.

That ban has just demotivated me in doing so. However, for those that still like to use nude patches I do want to add the last missing races in the future at some point, no doubt about that. To add to that, my BFA or Legion nude patches still contain skins for old wow chars and could possibly work for WoW classic too if using some nude mod tools that work for it.


Lastly, here’s a fun look back at Azerothica through the years using the WayBack Machine:

although 2013 theme wasnt snapshotted by web archive before 2014
2014 during december:


Omazdex's Works

Hey guys , i apologies for taking some time to post a new work , also sorry for those who commissioned for i paused them.

well , i have a good reason , i got tired using paper and pencil , then scan , then clean , then color and filter in Photoshop , so i will buy a Wacom Cintiq as soon as possible , therefor am thankful for your patients and i promise i will continue as i get this tablet , and i promise for more works too.


you can find my works in my Blog-spot : http://omazdex.blogspot.com//

you can know more about my character ” Keilora ” at : https://www.f-list.net/c/keilora

you can also find me in World of Warcraft-EU-Argent dawn as the character ” Keilora “.


contact me for any requests or question.


at the end i like to say , its our pleasure to be in our home ” Azerothica ” and i’m so grateful.


thank you , and see you around.