Fixed wow.exe for World of Warcraft v - 18291

Fixed exe for world of warcraft version have been added to the download section.


Update 1 – May 21st 2014:

Version 5.4.8-18291 (64-bit) has been added to the download section.


Update 2 – May 21st 2014:

Version 5.4.8-18291 (32-bit) has been added to the download section.




The Non-Model-Change nude patch will work regardless of any new wow version because it does not require a fixed wow.exe. You can always use this if exe’s are not up fast enough for you.

13 Responses to Fixed wow.exe for World of Warcraft v – 18291

  • Hey Esidien I got an update in wow it seems a few minutes ago they added some sort a mini patch and it’s now 18291.

  • I have to agree. They did added a mini patch which is now

  • wow they waisted no time telling’ speedy recovery tho props

  • so yeah Its not working cuz of mini patch ffs 🙁
    I just learned about addons and this today so….


  • It seems its not working, when i try to login it crashes with a error, how can we fix this?

    • Ive tested it myself, as well as with some other people and it worked fine.

      What kind of error do you get?

  • tells me this: this application has encountered a critical error:

    ERROR#121 (0x85100079) Version Mishmatch

    Program: c:\users\users\desktop\WoW\Wow-64.exe

    DBFilesClient]CreatureImmunities.dbc has wrong row size (found 116, expecter 120)

    Press OK to terminate the application

  • Is it Possible to have Multiple Versions of Nipple Colors for the Female Pandarians and Goblins. Because the they seem to be a little bit odd looking?

    And How Do you completely remove the Pandarian underwear?

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