Nude Patch fix

As some might be aware of, you may encounter the message that the game cannot validate your version or something similar. To fix this you must go to the Data folder of World of Warcraft, find the filed named wow-update-base-17266.mpq and also go to the enGB folder within the data folder and find the wow-update-enGB-17266.mpq. You must move these two files out of the data folder. These two files contains data for the next wow patch 5.4.0 My fixed wow exe blocks wow from updating and the wow launcher will try to pre-download data for the next patch which should be released soon.


So like i wrote remove those files from data and enGB folder within data folder. And also do not use the wow launcher to open wow. Use the wow.exe or wow-64.exe to open wow, so that the launcher does not try to pre-download data for next patch. This is what is causing the issue.


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  • Thanks for message!

  • I have used your site and modifications for quite some time and appreciate the work you do. I tried to donate and it took me to Paypay, but not in English so I was not able to easily navigate it.

    Please reply back to me how I can donate, but in English please.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • It should be in English, try again and let me know =)

      • We love that the succubus is now nude too. Unfortunately Blizzard turned the succubus into a runt; the effect would have been better with the original size.

        Will there be a nude shivarra too?

  • I did exactly that, and when I click on the Fixed.exe (Wow.exe) I get an error. “Your login interface files are corrupt. Please reinstall the game.” Wow-64 works fine.

  • Yes, I have been encountering the same problem as above please help….

  • Blizzard added more new MPQs, remove both MPQs with 17325 in them.

    • Thank you so much Jh16 I have spent the last few hours trying to get some of my mpqs I made for 5.0-5.1 to work(in 5.4) as I have been away from wow a few months and I could not get them to work =( But.. I tried your advice on removing the 2 files with 17325 in them and most of my mpqs work again woot! (some packages conflict but at least I am able to start sorting them out) Thank again!

  • Esidien I been looking though the site and cant find any male patches I know its a long shot but is there any a female friend of mine would like to have both for realisem?

    • i know im not Esidien but i been using nude patches for 4 years now and through my searches i never found 1
      note: Esidien’s site isnt the only spot for nude skins

  • The reason why there are not any male nude patches is that creating the shape of the penis is difficult as well as texturing it. As far as i’ve heard at least.

    Also keep in mind that the nude patches ive posted are a compilation. You can see who created what by reading the credits section. I did not model myself, i never got into modelling wow toons, so i would not be the one to ask for this, rather contact some of the people listed in the credits section. They’re all on the darknest forum.

  • Hi, any news on nudepatch for 5.4 ??? I guess this nudepatch will stop working once you uodate to 5.4 Also any options of larger breastsize? Like 25-50% larger on nightelves (compared to current for 5.3) ???

    Thanks for your work :p

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