Fixed WoW exe for patch 7.3.5-26124

Update 1: Added patch 7.3.5-26365 to download section.

The great folks over at (also the person(s) behind arctium launcher), has released a new fixed wow exe  based on the old method with binary editing which I have now added to my download section. I can confirm it works as I’ve tested it myself. Though remember it is still against the TOS as it’s always been but personally I feel more safe with this old method that’s been used for a long time before 7.3.0 and is known to be pretty safe, at least to my knowledge.

Though do keep in mind that most model edit mods are broken unless it has been updated to work with 7.3.5.

So with that said, enjoy the naughty nude fun once again =)

– Esidien

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  • Wow was updated and the fixed exe is now outdated but king has also released an update to his binary to match it.

  • Click on Downloads in the menu bar =)

  • Speaking of mods, I noticed just today that the Light-forged draenei (easily found naked at Goldshire on realm Moon Guard) still show their small clothes/ under garments. Is someone working on mods for the light forged draenei females?

    Also, My version of wow is still at 7.3.5-26124 but I don’t see that in the downloads section. It looks like the download has already been updated to 7.3.5-26365 which I guess might be the future version that might be on the PTR? Can a link to the wow-64 for 7.3.5-26124 be put up, please?

    • nevermind my mention that my game was still at 7.3.5-26124 – I usually start my game with the wow exe file, but when I started with the login, it updated my game after all.

  • so are void elfs and light Forged all Moded now I’m confused just do as usual and the game will have all the nude art you want on your wow?

  • So all the Models have the Nude thing so we can have it back on even For void Elves and Light right?

    • Because of what happened with the wow exe file after patch 7.3.0 hit and being unable to test within the game, I haven’t updated my nude mod since then. It is only recently that a modded exe file has been working again and now that this has happened I will continue my work.

      I can say that I already have Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei skins working. The Nightborne and Highmountain Taurens will follow too and I’ll make a release in the near future.

      Also I’d like to notify that when Battle for Azeroth hits, or perhaps even before then, I’ll add Dark Iron Dwarves, Zandalari Trolls and the Draenor Orcs.

      I have BFA Alpha invite which gives me easy access to the data files I need to make nude skins =)

      • so now that you can work on them youll be able to make the big breast pointy nipples and better butts and so on? and I love your work its art to me

  • If we are Using an old way of modding dose it mean we can Get the Model changeds ones or will will take some time to get them and for the new classes.?

  • I only work on texture edits, the actual model edits are made by other people. I don’t know when I will have custom models for my patch, but for now I’m just working on making new nude skins.

    Old model edits are broken so I wouldn’t suggest to use WoD model change nude patch for legion, it’ll simply just look like exploded models or in some cases wow just crashes.

  • if yall players need/wait better looking booties big breast n perky perkies
    just go to links n click Darknest make an account allowing you to DL
    and happy modding

  • ok so now that we can get the mods to work we will just need to wait till custom model changes are out its just time?

  • Some artists have already updated their mods to work with v7.3.5 however, as of right now Darknest seems to be down, hopefully it’ll be back up soon =)

    You can find most mods on Darknest forum in the patches section.

    • i only trust this Site to get mods i wouldn’t want to move to a completely new place so i guess ill wait till you can <3 i mean i don't want to install something bad and screw my self with a totally new Modding thing

  • Darknest is older then my site, and has many artists, I started myself on Darknest before I made my site in 2011.

    I do recommend the site as I find it very good =)

  • The model edits I have in my older nude mods from before WOD, are all from artists from Darknest. I have credited all artists accordingly in the download page ever since =)

    • well I trust your website since its Easy to put them on I went to Darknest do I need to sighn up with them to get in it has these questions like game rp is the only thing I could put that I would be there for not an artist is confused me and its New do I do the same thing with there patch files like I do with yours? to put them in

      • Yes you need to register on the Darknest forum to view all of their sub forums, it’s free no worries, and there’s so much good content to be found there. I always found Darknest to be the sort of main hub for wow erotic and mods =)

        • alright I guess ill give it a try i mean if it gives me the custom mod I’m looking for with the bigger breast and butt and….lol ill just say art its adult art I’m no kid XD

        • Thank you for you amazing work i have been using your Mods and one other thing is there modding the same way you do yours or will i have to install it another way?

        • Ok so I make an Account I look up male Elf junk for my gf since she would like to see my elfs junk and click to see if it dosent do much to my toon will my toon still look the same all that will change is when I takes pants off my elf junk will pop out then it picks up a threat thank you avast for picking it up ima just wait for you to update models on here since I don’t have to click a lot of things I click the file eye I put that on my wow folder I click the model thing for legion its Just easier so I’m staying loyal to your moding usage I’m not risking my account or pc getting attacked. so ill keep an eye out for if you can Import some of there files if they allow you to your then I can See all female races With bigger breasts and butts and more detailed crotches and when I walk up to a random woman In sw her nipples will show lol through her shirt anyways. ill just see be happy with what you got till you can make some changes Thank you <3

          • to make it short ill wait for you to get time to make changes or how ever you get the model changes to look like what I’m looking for so I hope your game your making turns out good 🙂 I look forward to seeing what it looks like and how its made and what can be done in it such and such

  • Im still getting a error saying Access-Violation… Any tips?

    • I’m thinking try remove Character, Creature & Item folder and just run wow with only the fixed exe without any mods to narrow down the issue. If you can run wow with a fixed exe without mods, then its not the fixed exe file that’s the issue =)

  • i am sry, but is it still possible to find fixed exe for

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