Void Elf to High Elf mod

I had this idea to change void elf skins to High Elf, as I kinda like that better. I will however still have an update to have void elves naked in an upcomming update of my nude mod, and then I’ll also make a secondary download for this Void Elf to High Elf skin mod that can be downloaded sepperately.

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  • Has there ever been a serious, expanded reason for Blizzard dev’s apparent hate for the thought of playable high elves?
    Seriously, first we get them … but not really, they’re fel-addicted and only available as Horde for “reasons”. Then we get them … but not really, they’re now VOID-addicted and purple.
    Meanwhile, everyone watching this is going “wtf are you people smoking?”

  • Any chance of a mod for Void elf appearance on blood elfs? 8D

    • I can make it at a later point in time sure, if I forget about it just try message me about it again.

  • So sexy! Can you share it? Really thanks!

  • Hi Esidien, first of all i would like to thank you for your hard work on modding, i would like to ask if it’s possible for you to update Lightforged Draenei too. I added the fixed.exe but it seems it crashes the game. I look forward for the new void elf update. And again thank you for the great work !

    • Delete all old content first, Character, Creature, Item folders. Try run wow without any mods and just the exe after deleting that. Lightforged Draenei & Void Elf are in progress as well as that High Elf mod, just been a lil busy recently =)

  • Hello! im new to this site and was wondering if there was a guide on how to install these mods, also is this skin done? would really like to play with it.

    • There’s a bit of description on the download page of the nude mod, also there’s an install instruction included in the zip file you download.

      At the moment the high elf mod is not released to public yet =)

      • Thank you for the Response, cant wait for this skin, its absolutely stunning to see the void elf hair in golden blond.

  • Hey im sorry to bother you again >.< but just have to ask, will these be applied to males? Would be glorious to see those big beards in gold

    Again love your efforts cant wait to try it out.

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