Azerothica Nude Patch Update

Greetings everyone,

The long awaited update for my nude patch is finally here. Many hours have been spent in updating the nude patch. I’ve also made a bunch of 5k images for each race to showcase them so you can see how they look like before you even apply the nude patch to wow. You can download the nude patch(es) right now in the download section -> Legion Patches.

I will also update the nude patch to include Battle for Azeroth in the near future, right now it’s just missing the Dark Iron Dwarf & Vulpera allied races.

I do know there’s a weird stretching bug with the female Worgen vagina, this will be fixed later but for now I wanted to release the update.
If you find any bugs please write a comment about it to this post, thanks =)


  • updated Pandaren nipples
  • updated Blood Elf skin
  • updated Human skin
  • updated Draenei skin
  • updated High Elf skin (For the Void Elf to High Elf minimod)
  • added Night Elf Demon Hunter skins
  • added Blood Elf Demon Hunter skins
  • added Night Elf no abs skins
  • added Troll no wart skins
  • added Void Elf skins
  • added Highmountain Tauren skins
  • added Lightforged Draenei skins
  • added Nightborne skins
  • added Topless Succubus
  • added Demon Hunter no underwear fix
  • added Panda no loincloth fix


I’d like to give huge credit to Lunyra on the Darknest forum as I’ve used her modified character skins for Blood Elf, Human, Draenei, Night Elf “no abs” and Troll “no wart” skins. I’ve used the body skins and overlayed them with my own genitals.


Preview Images:

30 Responses to Azerothica Nude Patch Update

  • Is it just me or dose the Void Elf’s Body is Blue, while the head is White?

    • Which one of the patches, hairy or shaved ?

      Also if you’ve been using the high elf minimod, and applied this nude patch afterwards, you might have the face textures for high elf minimod still applied then these normal void elf skins applied on top of the high elf body skins, and thus ending up with high elf faces and void elf bodies =)

      You can try delete the character folder, and then apply a new fresh one from the nude patch zip file, then it should be alright if this was the case.

  • I had a look at both hairy and shaved zip files, but none of them contain texture files for void elf face.
    I also applied fresh copy of the hairy nude patch to double check.

    It must be something on your end, because it doesn’t happen to me.

  • Many thanks for the great work!

  • I deleted everything and reinstalled it and still same thing, if I knew how to put a screen shot to show you I would. also I am running win 7 if that makes a difference.

  • This is what I am getting for the Void Elf

    • I can see that, but these face textures does not exist in the nude patch zip files, ive already checked

      but if you go into your \Character\VoidElf\Female
      and delete any file with this name in it:
      “voidelffemalefaceupper” and “voidelffemalehair”

      that will get rid of the face textures.

      • i keep getting a error while trying to play With you WoW-64 patches causing the game to crash on every game boot up, Game error #132 (0x85100084)

        • Make sure that your WoW has fully downloaded in the b-net launcher before applying the patch or fixed exe file =)

      • Thanks that did it

    As you may know, blizard “Removed” the “old character model” button, so we only have new character models, now.

    Is it possible to create something to “Keep” the old Character models?”

    Thx for your answer!

    • I don’t & I hope I ain’t sound rude with the “WARNING !” at the beginning, hope I ain’t sound noob too. But I was shocked when I saw “no more old char model…”

      And would like to thank you fopr your beautiful & useful website. This is truly AMAZING! Peace.

      • Also, with the new character model, have you ever noticed, toons make a “mad-angry face” when they ride the “red flying cloud disk” (flying mount). I think this is horrible cuz you can zoom when your toon is on that, no more exitation, she’s “angry”… Lol, thx again!

        • I think I will add 1 last, personal thing: New characters model FEET are totally unsexy compared to old characters model feet, at least, for human female.

          Well if you can or cant bring back old char. model, please reply.

          I love you, peace !

  • While I have some love for old characters myself, I don’t have the knowledge on how to restore them, so I can’t do this kind of a thing. Though that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to do, I just don’t know how to. Though if I do find out sometime in the future I’ll probably release a minimod with that kind of a thing =)

  • I got to make a compliment Esidien, you’re SO optimist, positive, I like your answer(s). Should I ask on Darknest? I think I will ask there too! Thanks for the reply! Peace!

    • Definately give it a try, doesn’t hurt asking

      • I sent a message on the General chat of Darknest. Hope I’m at the best place to gain the most views. Thanks for your support & your website Esidien, peace !

  • I think the “Skins & Patches Board” might be the place for this topic however, as it’s about modding the game and such, you’ll likely be asked to move it there unless some moderator moves your thread there.

  • Are males nude too?

  • is it possible to get a always naked mod so i don’t have to you Moroes’ Famous Polish or have no armor on to see the nude characters?


    you can try look through here, I’m not sure if its still there but I think i saw something like this at one point. You must register on this forum in order to view it however =)

  • im not usually a impatient person esidien but i just unlocked my smexy brown orcs and well when will the nude textures for them and the dark iron dwarves be out?

    • At the moment I haven’t worked on these races at all and it will be a few hours of work to complete it probably.

      However I recently have gotten a new fulltime job eating up a lot of my free time, an when I come home I’m quite tired as it’s a job that requires a lot of physical work.

      Though that said surely I will try to have it done =)

      • take your time esidien irl more important then a game, if i could do it myself i would but alas i suck at textures hope your job goes well tho.

        • Thanks Fallgore, this job is however only temporary and I’ll be looking for a new one in the near future, we all have to make a living =)

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