First test release for BfA patch (Retail)

Arctium have released a launcher for BFA for custom patches. However just like back in legion 7.3.0 I am not sure about using this, however I have quoted the readme file below. If you want to use it, do at your own risk but I would advice to hold back for now and see what happens. Like always nude patches isn’t officially allowed and you should always consider if it is worth it.




There we go again… We’ll start with a client launcher just like in legion.

As always some notes:

  • It is still violating the TOS and can always lead into a ban.
  • NO bans reported since October 2017

Client crashes? Join the Arctium discord (#support or #me-support) at


  1. Copy the launcher into your WoW folder.
  2. Start the launcher.
  3. Login (sorry no login for now)

19 Responses to First test release for BfA patch (Retail)

  • hello, why avoid putting the patch for bfa? I did not really follow everything, what does it change for the legion version patch? mg can see if we have the patch or not? thank you to enlighten me 🙂

    • This is not the same method as before and could be unsafe, you can still download it via their discord if you click on the link in the quote box.

  • ok thank you 🙂 but it was already the case for legion? sorry I’m just trying to understand, the change actually

  • Wondering if I could get some technical details on how a modified launcher differs from the modified executable.

    I imagine they both do the same thing in loading additional textures to overwrite the vanilla ones, what makes doing it through a launcher easier to detect/more dangerous than through a modified exe (which should still be easy to detect)?

  • I don’t know if it is easier to detect or not, I just know it hasn’t been used for as long as exe’s have since back in MoP. Besides in a new expansion patch it could include updates for their detection system as well, but if you want to use the launcher just follow the link in the quotation I made an join their discord, the download link is on their discord.

  • Will there be an 8.0 fixed wow.exe? cause I prefer to wait for it if it’s safer.

    • I don’t know for sure, I don’t make them, Arctium does these fixed exe edits, I just host them at my site for visitors =)

  • There is no link to anything…

    • of course there is =)

      On their page theres a link to their discord.

      It says

      Woah there Cowboy! You should check out this fabolous discord Link before leaving this absolutely non temporary site.

      and you click on “fabolous discord Link” which will invite you to their discord server where they post link to their newest releases.

  • Not checked in on this for a while- has this turned out to be safe?

    • It sounds like it is, by the fact that since Arctium started making their own wow launcher, no one has been banned since October 2017. However I personally would wait a bit just yet untill BFA is actually launched and just checking their discord for anything.

      The only sort of downside is that you cannot launch wow using the official battle net launcher, as that wouldn’t launch the game with custom data, you’d have to use their launcher which will load the custom data and open the game.

  • You know, if I recall… blizzard honestly doesn’t care what you do to their game, as long as it doesn’t give you an unfair advantage over everybody else.

    • Also, as long as it doesn’t effect anyone else as well, then it should be find.

      • Most of the time this is the case, But you can be unlucky and be picked out by chance for whatever reason.
        Consistently banning people for this takes to much time, they have to check every possible ban if it’s a long ban. They are hesitant in giving long bans for things that are automated.

  • Do you know when the next update will be?

  • I plan to just wait I love Esidiens website and how it can host different mods I hope to see more added saffer since this website is safer for my pc it dosent pop up a scan warning that I had an attack so that’s why I plan to just wait to see the laides being nude Thankyou Esidien.

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