Azerothica MMO – Update #002

It’s been a little while since the last update but I’m currently waiting for a new update on the mmo engine to come out in the middle of this month. Though I have been playing a little around with particles inside of Unity and recently purchased a neat Particle Package on the Unity Asset store that I think could be pretty cool to have inside of my mmo.





The new update will include:

  • Added social plugin – friend list with ability to add or delete player to/from that list, but also with context menu where a player will be able to invite to a group or to a guild.
  • Added Single Player Instance, so each player when entering such an instance will be able to build on it and these buildings will be something like his “private instance”.
  • Added Guild Instance, adequate to Single Player Instance but for Guilds, so only guild members will be able to enter to that instance and if they do, then they will enter their “private guild instance”, for example, to build buildings inside it, like special portals, houses, merchants, storage of farms.
  • Added dynamic weather system for day & night cycles.


Check the youtube video and screenshots below:

4 Responses to Azerothica MMO – Update #002

  • blizzard should srsly add effects to spell like that omg……….who wouldn’t want to see a trail of shadow/dark clouds following a shadow bolt or fire trail followinf a fire bolt n so on

    • I quite like that shadow bolt too, totally worthy of an undead warlock or something 😀

      But yeah that guy who made it on the asset store is quite talented

      Also the chain shield starting at 10:00 is also totally worthy of Kel’Thuzad =)

  • The effect starting at 1:24 is jaw dropping! They all look amazing though, but that angry whisp/elemental look was OMG good.

  • Sure hope strong Sexual content is in it I’m sure it will be a Sub I would sub to it but I’m already too deep in wow lol so I hope there is a free mod only for those who want to do a Small amount of stuff or ….however this game is made it looks Nice and I like that there can be nudity in it can probly add a br and panties slot so can still have them on but cant take them off if the time calls.

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