Old Nude Patch update

Warlords of Draenor versions of the old nude patch can be found here, if you need some nude wow chars.

This is only working on old models as this patch only contains the nude parts for old models, not the new models. I’ll try make nude mods of the new WoD models, but for now you can still enjoy the old nude patch.

Install instructions can be found inside the zip file.


To switch between new and old wow character models, look at these images

You will need a fixed wow exe for both the model change and non model change nude patches.

The newest fixed wow exe is at the bottom of this page

15 Responses to Old Nude Patch update

  • I want these new nude models so badly..

  • The Draenei eye is problem

  • theirs something wrong with the draenei’s eyes

  • It’s horrible. After the upgrade 6.0.2 WoW changed the file system. Now in the DATA no MPQ files. Only a strange-looking files as “data.000, data.001 and more” Judging by their weight all textures and 3D models are hidden inside. how to open them? We had MPQ convector before, we could change the texture and 3D models in the game, but now is not. I can not even set my texture mod, What do we do now? how to change the textures and 3D models are now? Do you have any ideas? Or working converter for new files? Or even working wow model viewer….. this is bad

    • You can still use old model edits with a new fixed exe, you just have to extract the content from an MPQ file and put that content into the main folder of wow, then open wow using a fixed exe =)

      There probably wont be a new wow model viewer for a long time, I dont know how to make such a program.

      As mentioned in another comment I am not sure about whats going on with the Draeneis eye. Things might get sorted out later on, for now you just need a big bowl of patience to eat.

      • Very bad. If we can not unpack these new data files. We can not create any texture mod. And I would like Nude mod for the new model. Your work is certainly good, but still, I would like the new models.
        In addition, I have been found not only nud mod. Many others, too, which I made myself. like. Many spells were too bright and sparkling. I darkened their replacement textures. A lot of work is lost. Very sad.
        We need to find a way to unpack the new files, I think this is a problem not only care about me, I’ll let you know if I find something.
        As for the model viewer. I think it will come out after a big update, as it is the official program of the Blizzard. guess we can only to wait.
        Just, I had installed a lot of mods to the game, and it is all gone. The game looks like shit to me now .. very sad

  • Ok um for some reason when i install the mod and use the fixed .exe my goblin just stops running and starts to float around any advice?

    • Perhaps there are some animation conflicts, I’m not totally sure I havent looked into it, but thanks for notifying.

  • Could you make a nude model for the shivarra? That would be really nice 😀

  • Great work! Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the wow.exe patch. I added the patches so that I could switch to the older figures with the select old/new check box. I tested the patches on the old figures for a while. Then, when I switched back to the new graphic figures I found that the Arohk’s Armory patch followed me. I had the Arohk’s clothing on the new figures, Barbi doll figure but with the clothing.

    • I followed the instructions to get the wow.exe patch as well as the nude patch and the armory DL. nothing seemd to be working for me, I had it with no issues before? any suggestions?

  • So.. I don’t know what I did wrong but the models aren’t changed at all using the patch the old way and also with the fixed wow exe Guess I’m just doomed.

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