Merry christmas

Hey everyone,

I’d like to wish all of you a merry christmas. My site is very inactive lately but not dead. I will keep answering all of your questions. However, all of my modding have kind of died off since the banwave by the end of april. It sucks a lot but as mentioned in one of my comments when people ask about classic wow nude patch, you can actually use my BFA nude patch or Legion one that is “non model change”. These patches do contain skins for the old characters, so you could likely use this for classic wow. I will at one point add a section for classic wow nude patch. I have been busy playing classic wow myself and enjoying it a lot.

As for 2020 and beyond, we will see what happens. I will keep answering peoples questions as good as possible.


– Esidien

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  • merry christmas to you as well i am sorry you web page has died down you been her for me a bout 10 15 years how ever its ben since bc

  • Keep on keeping on dude, glad you still around

  • It should be heartening to know though that they immediately reverted the ban when they found out that modders were caught in the blast and not just cheaters. I think they have a soft sport for them as the ban was turned over nearly immediately after being called out. I don’t think there’s much to worry about. Plus we’re gonna super need you once all those updated models come out for the humans and whatever that they are doing in the next expansion. Please don’t give up hope, you’re the best and we really need your help. Been using you for years and I know a whoole bunch of people that do. More than you think honestly. You’re probably one of the top used mods on the server.

    So please, please don’t give up on modding.

  • Since I am new to this stuff it looks cool and pretty good. Its unfortunate on what I read about the April ban. I didn’t really give effort to try to launch I installed it and remembered its the wrong version I already gave up…

  • Hi! I know this is a straight site and I completely respect it. I was wondering if, for any chance, anyone knew about where to find nude male mods. I have been searching for them everywhere but sadly cannot find them.

  • hi I wanted to know a few things about the mod since I worked on the wow porn side of posco before installing it

    the skin is visible between players with and without mod
    it is possible to be banned for mod

    sorry for the little themed question
    and then I wanted to know if World of Whorcraft had a subscription because the idea of playing multiplayer a version of wow pron intrigued me a lot

    ps excellent site and the mod looks very nice I can’t wait to try it thanks for your patience and sorry for the bad english

  • Nude skin is only visible to yourself, no one else can see it if you have it turned on. It is possible to get banned today as we have to use a tool like arctium launcher which by now have had 1 time were users of that have been banned.

    I don’t know if it still is detectable as of today but that just means use it at your own risk. I no longer provide updates for the arctium launcher on my site but you can always find the newest one at if you go under World of Warcraft > Client Launchers > Custom Files (Mods). And then find the launcher you need.

    But again keep in mind there have been one banwave so far, so please consider not using it on your main wow account as it would suck to loose it.

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