Azerothica 9th Anniversary

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Azerothica, and for the occasion I have posted a naughty gift crafted by Shina from which I hope many of you will enjoy.


I still actively answer your comments and questions when I see them, even though I don’t post much content lately I do look every day for anyone commenting. However, I do plan to return to my MMO in the future and I will post more news about it when I get to that. There is infact something like that brewing at the moment, not made by me but something in that area which I will post more about at a later point in the future as it progresses, so thats a small hint at something =)


The end of April 2019 marked the first ban wave of nude patch users ever in the history of World of Warcraft. I have been in the scene for 13 years, as i started playing WoW in early 2007 and started using someone elses nude patch. Back then no extra software was required to activate the custom skins, infact I think it wasn’t untill the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack that you had to use a modified wow.exe to get nude skins to work. So to me that ban wave kinda marked the end of an era to me.

While I understand that it is against the EULA of blizzard to use nude mods, it’s just sad to see it happen having used it for so long. It is likely that botters or cheaters used the arctium launcher for their own benefit and that made blizzard hit down hard on anyone using that, and it being a requirement for any nude mod user, they got the feel of the mighty banhammer as well. I wish it was easier to this very day just to add a simple nude mod which doesn’t give any advantages over other players and is simply harmless to anyone. Besides it only works on the users own game client so no one else sees it.

With all this said, I hope you stick around as I will try post more updates in the future, I may still update my nude skins with the new worgen 2.0 model that came out with BFA and future races with Shadowlands expansion. Please stay safe in these weird times both because of the virus but also to anyone in america, since what you’re going through is pretty serious. Personally I try avoid any big groups of humans for the foreseeable future until it is much more under control.

Happy 9th anniversary everyone, hope you enjoy the naughty images made by Shina =)

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  • *Kiss* <3

  • Congratulations!!!!!

  • i will like to say congratulations with 9 years! and on a side note. is there any chance that someone can make a tutorial on how to install this mods prober? i dont know what i do wrong sincs i just can’t get it to work regartless how well i am trying to read the inskusion files.

    • I would advice you to not use nude patch on your main wow account as we have seen mass ban wave before, after a long time of people using it. So please consider if it is worth risking your main wow account on this. The next ban might be even longer or permanent instead of 6 months.

      That said, all I know is you put the character, creature & item folders of the nude patch into _retail_ folder then use arctium launcher. However since the mass ban wave happened i have not really updated with new arctium launchers on my site, however you can always find newest arctium launchers here on their official site:

      Click on World of Warcraft > Client Launchers > Custom Files (Mods)

      Select the expansion you want to use it for, then download it and put it into your World of Warcraft install folder. I dont think you have to put it into any sub folders, just the WoW folder.

      • allright i might try that when i feel brave to do so.
        thanks for making wow abit more intersting.

  • welcome back!
    I though thAt the ban wave of last year was a 6 months of ban, but they retired the ban to just a warning, they figured that most of the players only used the software for character alterations and blizz just put a warning. Anyways i want to start doing my own gear alterations i like the Arokh’s Armory , is there an easy guide you can provide me to start doing my own gear alterations? thanks!

  • sorry again, kick question. i was trying to change the color of the human nude skins by just editing the png image and convert again in blp. It works in all the body, but it does not work for the face, how can i edit the face skin? thanks!

    • You need to extract the face .blp files and convert them to png then edit then convert it back to blp again.

      I use Ladik’s CASC viewer to open wow data with, then find the Character folder, then in here look for the race you want to extract data for, then edit the files you need =)

      • Thanks, i could make it work.
        Now i’m trying to edit the arohks armory textures, i’m trying to convert a blp file to png of the arohks armory, edit it as png in photoshop and convert it again to blp, but i does not work. Do i have to use blp to tga? i can’t find a tool to make it, could you help me to make my edits pls? thanks!

      • You can use BLP Converter

        Drag the file into the blp converter exe, and it will either convert BLP to PNG or PNG to BLP

        You can also choose to open .BLP files with this program if you right click a .BLP file, go to properties and choose to open with BLP Converter as default program

        • thanks, yes i use blpconverter, i take the png to edit in photoshop, then i convert it again to blp and replace the file, but when i open wow the armor texture looks weird, with random colors, like there if there was no alpha chanel, i think this is because i should edit the texture as tga with alpha channel, but i cant find a way to convert blp to tga.

        • You can try to save it as PNG8 in photoshop, just to see if that helps

  • Hi. new qustion. is it posibal for you to make NPC NSFW mods / armor changes? or if you know some where i can get them?

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