I’ve added a fixed wow exe for the 26654 update that came out recently, it’s in the download page. My anti virus was giving a warning about it but it’s a false positive, perhaps it has a database were it compares the original file and finds it to be not the same value. But I can assure you it works and is not dangerous.

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  • My avast keeps on preventing me from playing. So there must be some problem but i’m not sure what.

    • Mine did the same, but after awhile it said that it had analyzed the file and that it was okay.

  • Thank you Esidien that’s why I like to use your Modding serves it dosent risk my computer or have any Viruses so thank you for having a clean website much Love to you <3

    • Glad you enjoy it. I always wanted no ads or any bullshit on my site, just simple & clean. So donations is the only payment I get. Anyone is free to consider to donate just anything, 1 euro is better then nothing.

      Donations are not a requirement to use and download anything from my site, it’s only for those that wish to support me and help pay monthly fee for my site =)

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