WoW Nude patch update 5.4.0

As you know it’s patch day. And with that there’s the usual hassle with updating my nude patch. This will be done, so sit back and relax and check back later as I will update this post when things get sorted out.

Edit: Fixed exe’s for wow 5.4.0 has been added to the download page. Simply just download a new exe, you do not need to download the nude patch itself again, only a new exe.


Edit 2: 5.4.0-17371 has been added to the download page.


Edit 3: 5.4.0-17399 has been added to the download page.

69 Responses to WoW Nude patch update 5.4.0

  • Love the mod. Thanks a bunch.

  • Can I get the mod on Molten-WoW?

  • OK, it seems with the new release that came out in preparation for the new expansion, that the file structure setup for the game has change. Likely partly due to the model changes there doing, but, I have no idea now where those files would be stored, or if there in the same format now, as they were before. So at this point, I am unsure where to put the nude patch files, if they can even be used still, as they are. Any one else finding the same issues?

  • Love the mod, any thoughts on updating it for 6.0.x? I really don’t know, but with the model updates I imagine it’d be a whole new project, I’m afraid.

    Anyway, thanks for your work and for your great mod. Appreciation!

  • getting no love from this new patch running on a Mac following instructions in download and disabling new model feature under System/Advanced. I placed the “Character”, “Creature”, and “Item” folders in the “World of Warcraft” folder in “Applications” (same directory as the .app), but it’s not changing the appears of the model. There’s mention of needing the new .exe, but, of course, Mac’s don’t run the .exe. any suggestions?

    • As for the moment there is no fix for macs, sorry friend.
      But if i hear about anyone making a fix for macs ill post about it on the frontpage of my site =)

  • I’m having trouble installing it

  • how do I get the big boobs nude patch

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