Void Elf to High Elf minimod released

The Void Elf to High Elf minimod is now 100% completed, just add the character folder to the root of your wow folder like you’d do with any nude mod. The files can be found under the Download Section > Legion Patches > Minimods > Void Elf to High Elf minimod.


  • Converted all Female Void Elf skins to bright High Elf skins.
  • Fixed hair colors to match the High Elf skins.
  • Added blue nail painting for hands and toes.
  • Added correct blue eye color suited for High Elves.
  • Added correct earring texture to work with the void elf race.

13 Responses to Void Elf to High Elf minimod released

  • T_T its so glorious…

  • Hello! me again, When i installed there seems to be this Little Patch of really light skin under the Eyes. Is that made to be like that? Its not a big bother, was just wondering if i had done something wrong.

    Thanks for the Mod ^_^

  • I didn’t add that, rather I used the textures blizzard already created, there are some textures for high elves already in the blood elf data folder which I used to make my minimod =)
    Also Blood elves have a slightly green tint instead of blue as the high elves have, but perhaps its more subtle.

    • Ah, alright, was just wondering if i screwed something up =p. Anyway, thank you again. you are fulfilling dreams that blizzard loves to crush <3

  • Beautiful work best art work work like this will live on in Esidiens work.

  • sorry it spammed it for some reason ;l

  • I might have noticed a small bug with the model, Looking strait on there is a solid line missing out of both arms in the middle. Otherwise amazing! Thank you!

  • Im thinking there was a new patch or something, my void elf is blue again D=

  • umm i cant find the void elf nude mod but there is a pic of the void elf nude in the minimods banner

    • That is how the void elf will look like in an upcomming update of my nude mod =)
      Right now that’s just used for a button

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