URGENT: Arctium Launcher Warning

Stop using mods and arctium launcher on live wow immediately. A lot of people have received 180 day bans this morning, including myself yet they banned me for 1.5 years meaning 549 days, 3 times the amount. My mood right now is not the best I can tell you that.

As you read this you’ve probably been banned too, I feel you I really really do. I hope this is some sort of false flag alarm that got triggered because of botters and I’ll try appeal it but I really feel so bad at the moment and I think this length of my ban is way too long for what’s been done.



I hear from multiple sources that a lot of people are getting their bans reverted so check your email inbox, I can confirm that my ban was lifted and I can happily enjoy playing WoW again. It is even posted on wowhead.com that people are being unbanned, however I would still like to point out for your own safety’s sake, do not use the launcher, because this kind of clearly show’s the consequence if you get detected by the system.

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  • I received the same I’m now unbanned, and honestly I find it a little bit like a “blessing”. But like mentioned do not use it and just play normally to avoid any sort of ban at all. I know that I will from now on.

    • me too this was a total f*** job that pretty much made me remove all my mods and addons i had from twitch

  • Official update:

    So i encourage anyone and everyone to remove arctium from your wow folder ASAP, if not done already due to recent events.

  • I ended up with an email too.
    I contacted Blizz and told the I only use mods to track DPS and Threat
    and I even mentioned that I used a mod to modify my avatar/character appearance
    and they removed the ban and apologized in length.
    I don’t this the adult mod from this site is an issue.

  • its never just a game ^^ all your heart and mind goes in it, you are expressing yourself through it, its you and part of you depending how many hours you dedicate to it and any relationships you form in it is real as any outside – “game” yeah right I herd a lot and yet when you loos it the pain is real as any ^^ Now thankfully the ban is a thing of the past 🙂 and we all can enjoy being and creating what we cannot possibly do in so called “real life” ♥ thanks for your mods it was awesome when time was right to go and swim all naked XD and do other silly things *grins* thanks for your mod and happy game time *lands a kiss on your cheek* I was a belf for a short wile and it was worth a ban -may be hahaah XD

  • awwww man, please don’t tell me this is the end for nude characters in WoW 🙁

    Regardless, just wanted to express my appreciation to you Esidien, for the years of dedication you put in this.
    Hope you continue doing what you love doing 🙂

    • Honestly to me it feels like this is the end. When bans being this harsh, I do not see any way to continue nude modding for wow. In the past we were left alone.

      It is also the first time we’ve had to use another program to inject into the wow exe file since i started in 2007
      in the early days since 2005 in vanilla wow you could just add custom MPQ files with a certain filename copied into the Data folder, to have it loaded upon wow opening

      It was like this from 2005-2010 or 11 something like that. Then at that time we had to hex edit the actual wow.exe file between 2010 to 2017 up to patch 7.2.5 because that wow exe hex edit method broke as blizz encrypted parts of the wow exe file at patch 7.3.0 in mid 2017.

      At that time arctium started, and the launcher was created and used since. And since its inception there was 0 ban reports untill 26th of April 2019.

      Otober 2017 – April 25th 2019 where 0 ban reports of using arctium.

      But as mentioned since the beginning when i started there has been 0 banwaves for nude mod users untill the 26th of April 2019.

      But the methods in how you enable them have changed over the years, but after this, and after me getting a 1.5 year ban length, I have a very.. very hard time continueing making nude mods for live wow. So for me this was my first ban for nude modding in all my time I’ve played since 2007 and I really feel like it is also the last time for me to use it. I cannot risk this again, I find it to be a super great decision by blizzard to reverse the bans for nude mod users like us, but also extremely lucky that they even considered to make this decision.

      I will continue my site, its not something I see wanting to remove but I really have a hard time seeing myself continue making nude mod updates after this, because that feeling I had with the ban being 1.5 years long was so extreme to me.

      • I heard the reason is because some other users was doing something similar to this but made it where in PvP making the flag bigger so you can track it, or having a spell user change color on certain spells, or even making a rogue get bigger when they come out of stealth. If some others didnt do that, I think we would of been left alone, but because some other did decide to do this to exploit is the reason this came about 🙁

      • dont fell bad i got a 6 month ban ago for using a nude mod i was wondering tho instead of using arctium launcher why not texmod?

  • Going to miss using your mods since 2011 when i first found your site and only donwloaded the mod as unregistered user but now i feel ya and am in the same predictment with using any mods or addons as well in my case since that is what also had my first ban be so high

  • Could it work ? has somebody try to make a new account with new email? just make a tryal version account and walk into Goldshire inn.

    • As of right now the launcher is detectable and you will probably get banned quite fast, I would not attempt to do it.

  • Thought I’d post something here as it’s now 5/6/19.

    From the looks of it, after reading everything it doesn’t really appear blizzard had much of a clue about the nude mod. They mention this “Upon further review, we found that some suspended accounts appeared to be only using the detected exploit to do client-side character model alteration. That is an activity that we would prefer to respond to with a warning, rather than a suspension, this time. As a result, we have reversed all of the suspensions issued in this action”. This tells me that while banning people using the launcher for basically using bots and cheats, they accidently came across people using the nude mod, probably from people appealing their case and explaining why they used the launcher.

    So yeah, I’m not surprised blizzard is showing major concern to people using a third party launcher to cheat the game. This might also be the reason why the old method’s of the nude mod worked with 0 bans, because we were all using Blizzard’s game launcher and their .exe’s. I guess the main question is, if blizzard is detecting anything third-party based and they are heavily encrypting their wow.exe file, what might be another way for the nude mod?

    Food for thought,

    • I don’t know just yet, I heard a new launcher is being worked on that is less injecting but after this long ban i was initially having i fear next time would be a permanent one and not overturned like this time, so I am not taking any risks and I really feel it is the end for me at least right now.

      But again I don’t know what the future will hold, we’ll see. But I will not shut down my site it’s been a fun adventure so far since I started in June 2011 =)

  • the bans wasnt cuz of moding, as King aka Fabian the creater of the Arctium (a 3rd party) it was breachin more n more of blizzard’s protocal which 10-1 triggeted Warden n flaged us as cheaters/botters and so on

    I would go on to say moldin pixil editin will com bak n if it doesnt ummmmmmm time to move on for good… already playin ESO
    we just need a new way that doesnt take a 3rd party to apply it
    thats just my opinion

    • I was talking with him back then and he mentioned it to me as well. I told him that the old wow.exe method is much prefered but he says that after patch 8.0 it is very difficult to do this.

      • When there’s a will there’s a way. Sounds like a decent team would need to be put together to do the nude mod just like the old days via the wow.exe.

        Blizzard is amazing with their anti-cheat detection of anything “abnormal” including stuff that is third party and of course throwing the good old ban-hammer. Hell their even able to detect if you run a basic bot that controls your keyboard while you sleep/afk. Even if the new launcher that you mentioned does come out and works, trial accounts would need to be used for probably the rest of BFA to ensure it’s safety. That however, doesn’t include what blizzard may or may not pick up over the next few patches either.

        So it sounds like, the only real way to enjoy the nude mod for WoW, is through the games .exe like the old days and having it go through blizzard’s launcher like before.

        I’m not sure if you’re getting into other MMO’s due from WoW’s dying population, maybe try nude mods on different MMO’s? Seems like the 2 heavy hitters that are passing WoW lately are ESO and FF14. Since you have a good amount of knowledge with WoW and how they did things since 2011, I doubt other games upped their security to Blizzard’s standards which should allow someone to make mods for them.

        Food for thought,

        • Thanks for your thoughts,

          I do still play WoW, and back when we had the same sort of issue in legion at patch 7.3.0 the launcher started appearing and i was very sceptical, I waited around 1 year not using it, and then decided to use it. Then as you know after a while the launcher got detectable later on. So while we could have trial accounts to look around for a long time, there is no certainty.

          Though what I can say is since 2010 when first modding the game exe there has been no bans, so in this way it would seem that modding the exe would seem more safe as we’ve not had an issue with this in recorded history.

          With that said, as mentioned in an earlier post, they have started to encrypt parts of the game exe file which makes it very hard to tell where exactly to perform the edit inside the exe file in order to make it load nude skins.

          The author of arctium launcher also mentioned that botters and cheaters likely modded and reverse engineered his launcher in order for cheats and botting to happen, and with this it is likely blizzard just banned anyone using the launcher overall, modded further or orignal doesnt matter, I would assume their protection system just looked for the process or the file being in existance in your local wow folder.

  • Will the project work again?

    • It is being worked on by the arctium developer, but to make the launcher work more properly that takes time as far as I could read from the dev team. We’ll just have to wait until they release it, and then I can host it here. However even if it was released today i’d not recommend it on a retail account with your main character as you’d risk loosing it, it’s always bannable and against the ToS meaning it’s your own choice and risk.

  • I received a 180 day ban that was lifted in 24 hours and called an error on their part. Just FYI

  • well i was waiting for a better nude mod way to get naked women in wow but i guess ill say goodbye to it

    • For now I do not know a solution, I know arctium devs are looking into it but honestly i’d not wanna touch that launcher again after what happened to me

      • Apparently what King is actually working on is a reversion to earlier practice, at least as far as I’ve been able to figure out from what I’ve actually understood about the various explanations. Arctium effectively scrammed some fairly major chunks of WoW’s security filters. It wasn’t an issue for us, all we wanted was access to our client-side body mods, but with those filters locked down, botters and such were able to crowbar server-side things as well, I guess?

        Anyways, King’s working on something that doesn’t deactivate these filters, just bypasses select few of them in favour of JUST the client side body-mods?

  • Once again, blizzard shows us its ass, and all its sticks up it.

  • Hi ! What the fuck ? Can we continue to use the mod without launcher ?

    • Right now there is no way to activate it without some sort of third party program, to my knowledge. But I would really advice against using it on retail wow as they now seem to actively ban users of arctium launcher.

      I just dont wish anyone to get banned, its not fun at all.

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