Nude Patch for Legion & Fixed WoW exe

Hello ladies and gents.

I have been looking into this lately, no worries. But things are different at the moment with the Legion expansion, so I have no ETA about when things will become avaliable. What I can say though is that a user over on the Darknest forum has modified the wow exe to make mods work (sort of). The model edits does not work, and that might mean that all of the model edits for all races have to be redone.

Some nude skins might also have to be re-done, I simply don’t know yet. But for now you can try this fixed exe provided by the user on the Darknest forums.


64 bit only

As of the moment model edits does not work with Legion.
But if you use the non model edit nude patch and this exe, it seems to work fine.

Still trying to figure things out, so for now I guess you have to live with standard models.

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  • No worries , Esidien. It’s like when WoD came out and other expansions. I got patience not to mention I perfer these patchs over others I’ve seen. Good luck ya for figuring it out.

  • I just installed this and I’m having issues with my game crashing every 5-10 minutes. If anybody else is having issues with this and you find a fix could you lemme know?

  • I don’t really understand how to install this. It won’t let me extract it into the WoW folder.. any tips?

    • If you could be a bit more specific about the issue you’re having with extracting the content Candarice, that would be great! What error do you receive? Something regarding ‘no permission’? If so right click on your World of Warcraft folder > properties > Security > Advanced > Auditing > Add > Select a principal > type in “everyone” without quotation marks > click OK > check the box Full Control > click OK > Click Apply. Now try again extracting. Or does it say something regarding corrupt files? Try re-downloading the file and try extracting again. Also make sure you use winRAR software to extract the files or similar software.

  • I just don’t understand how to extract the file period. When I try to open it, it says “How do you want to open this file” And lists the app store. Like, once I have the file downloaded, what do I do with it?

  • use winrar from =)

  • Question : is possible get banned for use that mod?

    • You can, but unless you go around openly announcing that you use it. It is very unlikely. It is against the ToS. It is against the rules. But the chance of being banned for it is slim to none.

      • Anyway the game to me start but it dont show my chars on the list and when i try to log it crush some ideas?

        • delete the old folders of the patch completly. If had the same Problems. Now my game crush after 5-10 mins. I use no patch until Esidien release a new patch for Legion.

  • For now, Only use the non model change nude patch, because model edits do not work as of the moment. I have tested non model change and it works fine =)

  • This doesn’t work for me. The launcher just detects it right away and tells me there’s an update available. I’m assuming it’s deleting that file whenever that happens..

  • Well, it is in the early days and things might not run stable. I’ll take a look into the matter of course =)

  • There was a small patch update. Won’t work right now anyways.

  • As of this early morning we are up to patch 22289 with a scheduled maintenance window of 5am PDT. This May be the reason the WOW.exe for patch 22280 isn’t working correctly! (Just a thought). Just wanted to let you guys know about this new upcoming window where Blizz will have even more time to mess things up! LOL!

  • New fixed wow exe that I tested also crashes every few minutes, no point in releasing that. You’ll have to wait a bit longer yet sorry =)

    • Don’t worry Esidien. We can wait and you should force yourself to hard. You doing a great job here and time heals everythink. So..keep up the good work and when it’s done, it’s done 🙂

      [Sry for bad grammar or mistakes. English is not my nativ language]

  • We all really appreciate all the work you do to keep this up to date all the time, I know you’ll figure it all out. Dont sweat it we’re all patient, and again thanks for all the work, and time you out into everything you do. 😊

  • If you want you can go ahead and take a break until Legion drops, I’m sure there will be many more patch variations until then. Especially with the whole RP server SW/Orgrimmar issue currently. I’m sure demon hunters and invasion will also add new variations.

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