Lexier Blueheart Reborn and Reforged

After close to four months of working on her she is finally done! My dear sweet Lexier is revived and remade! Lexier was my very first OC for RP and so she holds a special place in my heart. She has two models, each with four variants. Draenei and Lightforged, each with a Female, Single Cocked, Double Cocked, and Double Cocked Flaccid variant.

If you want to know more about her, see exactly what it is your getting or download her, then come see my Darknest post where I break it all down and show off everything that makes Lexier who she is, plus zoomed in pictures! Just follow this link here.

If you like my stuff please leave a comment on my Darknest thread or my Tumblr. Enjoy everyone!


6 Responses to Lexier Blueheart Reborn and Reforged

  • Don’t suppose you could get me unbanned from Darknes, could you? I’ve been off it for several months now. I’m 1trevor30. The guy that leaked everything on the forums. I was kinda mad everyone was ganging up on me, so I said some regretful stuff. But, I want a chance to show everyone on there I’ve changed. Can I please just get that chance.

    • Well for one, it’s not in my power to get you unbanned. Two, I do believe you are regretful, but despite that you endangered a lot of people’s work, including my own. It’s not up to me to give you a second chance; if you’re seeking forgiveness then you’ll need to contact Anjasa or J.E. Keep. Good luck

  • Oh my God… this is awesome!!!

  • Totally new here. How do I download this??

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