Happy 4th anniversary

This year i havent had the time to create an image for this years anniversary, however with the site still running,  I am happy to at least still be able to provide my nude patch for anyone who wants it.

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  • “This year i havent had the time to create an image for this years anniversary, however with the site still running, I am happy to at least still be able to provide my nude patch for anyone who wants it”
    don’t need a pic bro, the site is full of pics lol
    grad your able to stick around cuz after all (the internet is for porn, so grab your dick n double click for porn porn porn) lol
    srsly glad you are can be here to provide your awsome nude patch

    • Surely, but I’ve traditionally made a picture each anniversairy. However due to some real life issues ive had, recently being kind of heartbroke because of a friendship broke up and totally lost contact with her, that was a bit hard. Without going into too much detail, I did things she didn’t like, and that kind of cost me the friendship. It was never intentional.

      I am slowly getting better though, but kind of miss doing things we’ve done together. Getting a bit off track but I just thought if anyone was curious what has been going on, then there you have it.

      • @esidien hey take your time, ive had tough times myself (if anything I was kindof wondering what was going on), but you know what? life goes on, whenever I feel down I turn my head and press on, because theres more to lingering on the past, when theres an unwritten future for us all. blah blah blah I know, porn site, not exactly the place to be feelsy but I hate seeing people going through the same shit I have, ive been depressed before and IT SUCKS. either way, take your time and let yourself recuperate, im sure everyone here will wait patiently and happily for your next update. until then, hope you can pick yourself up man.

        • At the moment I’m kind of okay, but I don’t feel too happy. Still thinking about the experiences we had together, but surely you have to let it go, its just not easy to avoid the thoughts, especially at times were I just sit and dont know what to do. However, i’ll still have the site running, so on that matter people won’t feel any downtime, stuff can still be downloaded and whatnot.

  • Take your time, es, go hang out with some of your friends, im sure they’ll help you out and help you feel better. you wont feel like crap forever

    • Thanks for the kind words, however there is no one I can hang out with, I litterally sit here for myself, as everyone I used to be around have gone to other cities to study, however I do have family around, so I am not alone entirely. Things like this happen all the time with a relationship breaking up, but I surely hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone.
      This was only a friendship, not a real love relationship, but it still hurts a lot. One can only imagine how much pain there must be for a person who have broke up with a partner were they’ve been together as partners for a long time. it is surely not something I’d wish happen to anyone, the mental pain is pretty rough just by this “small” relationship i’ve had with this person.

  • anytime, es. Back in 13 I was in a serious relationship that ended because I couldn’t get a decent job, it took me til last year july to get over it and moving away from family, my friends are all back in my previous state, but at least I can still talk to them. if you like, lets hop on a realm on wow and play a bit sometime (its all I do most of the time anyway), its up to you though, don’t want to hit a nerve. hope you feel better soon, es, love hurts when its gone.

  • I think that would be interesting. you could actually get one on one with the perverts that enjoy your mods

  • <3 Happy Anniversary, Es. <3 *Kiss*

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