Fixed WoW exe for patch 7.2.0-23835

Update 7: Added patch 7.2.0-24015 to download section.

Update 6: Added patch 7.2.0-23937 to download section.

Update 5: Added patch 7.2.0-23911 to download section.

Update 4: Added patch 7.2.0-23877 to download section.

Update 3: Added patch 7.2.0-23857 to download section.

Update 2: Added patch 7.2.0-23852 to download section . Lets see how long this 23852 will work =)

Update 1: I will wait a little bit yet with new exes as its updating too frequently at the moment with lots of small hot fix patches. It’s just too much hassle at the moment. You’ll get your exe eventually =)

So the patch 7.2.0 hit us and the tomb of sageras will be open soon. And with that it’s time for another fixed wow exe update =)

As always when these major patches are launched, it is expected that there will be a few minor patches now and then which will again require a new exe. But fear not, like the good advice from our beloved demon hunter Illidan, I am prepared =)













With that said, the Fixed wow exe for patch 7.2.0-23835 have been added to the download section. So you may have fun again as you venture out on the Broken Shore to slay some demons, and have a good rest afterwards with some tits from a lovely nude patch. Enjoy !

34 Responses to Fixed WoW exe for patch 7.2.0-23835

  • through ur browser well thats how I been doin it an not from mega derectly

  • Looks like they patched again, time for a new fixed exe? 😀

  • There’s a new patch now. Can we get the new fix?

  • Looks like the new patch is up, Looking forward to the new fix!

  • The new patch is

  • Hey, when I click it, it says it’s invalid for me?

  • Click where?

  • Looks like the new patch just went out, excited for the new fixed exe! 😀

  • I don’t want to be a big jerk to you, knowing how hard this is and really how tricky the upgrade has been, but do you have any idea on when the model change skins will be available? Or at least some kind of progress?

  • Thank you!

  • Hey is Nude patch for DH already up :c and any kind of gear for look naked all time x3? would help a donation for that haha? if it does of how much 😛

  • Do you think you could ever work on some sound effects too? Just something to create a sexy ambience to the inn? Maybe some background moaning and some wet slapping noises?

  • Seriously!/ I wasn’t actually expecting a serious response. But if you’ll actually do it then.. well that’s totally awesome! Like, it’d make the inn experience 100% better.

    • I’m not exactly a great audio editor but I know it is possible to load up the inn music in a program like Adobe Audition, then put some extra sound effects on other layers and export it out as a file again and then probably just rename the file and have it put in a specific path and folder names to make wow load that instead of the original file, just like with nude mods

  • How long do you think it could take you? Oh, um.. I’m not like, rushing you or anything. Seriously, totally take your time if you’ll actually do it ^.^ Just very curious. I am very much looking forward too it.

  • Im not sure how long it would take, its more that I’m not really a sound editor, but finding some sound effects of that sort would be needed and then mixed together with the original music track

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