Fixed WoW exe for patch 7.1.5-23360

Update 1 – January 25th 2017: Fixed-wow-exe-7.1.5-23420 has been added.

Fixed wow exe for patch 7.1.5-23360 have been added to the download section.

14 Responses to Fixed WoW exe for patch 7.1.5-23360

  • Oh thank God. This game is literally un-playable for me without your mod. I love what you do. Thank you

  • Thank you again!!!

  • Thanks, Esidien.

  • Hey Esidien, your mod usually works for me flawlessly and beautifully, but lately when I delete my other WoW64.exe and add the character/creature folders, I’m unable to start WoW, and I get an error message stating the files can harm my computer but no way to bypass it. Any ideas? Love your work, and love that you keep this alive for us <3

    • Download wow again or repair it and then download again nude mode and add folders you wow

    • I dont know if its windows defender or another anti virus, but you should be able to launch wow regardless. If it says something like “publisher could not be verified” you just click “run”

  • Hey,love your work, so when i replace my wow-64.exe file i get a crash whenever I log into a female character that says

    ERROR#132(0x85100084) Fatal exception!

    Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe
    ProcessID: 12396

    The instruction at “0x00007ff6b10d8348” referenced memory at
    The memory could not be “read”.

    Any ideas? I’ve already had my avg whitelist my wow folder

    • maybe you have some old outdated nude mod, it can happen that it gets mixed up with some new nude mod you might have applied, try remove character, creature and item folder and try get a fresh copy from the site =)

  • from the main page: “Update 1 – January 25th 2016: Fixed-wow-exe-7.1.5-23420 has been added.”

    Pretty sure you meant “2017”

  • Any news on the fixed nude mod for legion?

    • There is non model change nude mod in the download section and theres a non official patch on the forum called Dyable Nude Mod

  • really great job for your patch for wow ( i’m a fan !! ) if possible can we have more big tits in game ? 😀

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