Fixed WoW exe for patch 6.2.4-21463

Fixed wow exe for patch 6.2.4-21463 have been added to the download section.

Update 1 – May 18th 2016: Fixed-wow-exe-6.2.4-21676 has been added.

Update 2 – May 18th 2016: Fixed-wow-exe-6.2.4-21742has been added.

25 Responses to Fixed WoW exe for patch 6.2.4-21463

  • Thank you very much !

  • speedy fix

  • Thank you Esidian. It is good to know there is someone who cares. your work is amazing, and I hope you keep up with it for as long as you can. Though i know this all must be very taxing on you… know it is highly appreciated by thousands of people. You are a gem.

  • Hi! thanks for your hard work,ive been having a problem recently where when i switch my old wow exe for the fixed exe my launcher says that there are missing components. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

    • Hmm it is not an issue i’ve run into before. You could try run a repair of wow and try make sure that it is fully downloaded and everything =)

      there’s a guide here for scan & repair using battle net launcher

    • like Esidien said on ur battle net page click Option the scan n repair…. or you can try this click the smybol/icon of battlenet click on Settings then open game system n choose to launch ur game with 32 (instead of 64) or launch 64 (instead of 32)

  • Hi I’m new and wanting to join the site but don’t know the name to confirm my registration. My email is if someone could please help me 🙂

  • Please , be fast with the LEGION Nude patch ;O Cant wait to have it when legion comes out…

  • Say I wanna make my own texture I did it to like one of the Hd ones I put custom tattoos on one and I converted it back to .blp cuz I changed it to a .png but when I went in the game it was just random pixel colors like the main colors of the texture was black but you could just see lots of messed up pixels

  • It could be that your converter isnt working properly

  • Lol thanks imma try it out

  • New patch today.

  • And another patch lol.

  • thanks for the update!!!

  • This new update sucked…it deleted everything for some reaosn

  • Works now yay ;D

  • Windows Defender will not even allow the .exe file to be unzipped without deletion due to claims of the presence of Trojan: Win32/Maltule.C!cl. While I am used to that given so many false positives on trainers and other fixed exes, I do not see anywhere where you have given a warning about possible false positives, so before I work around it, I want to verify that it’s a false positive, and not that your file got infected. : )

    • I belive it is a false positive. It could very well be that microsoft has some sort of database where they compare the file and whether or not it has been altered, which it of course have in this case in order for wow to load the nude skins. Also I scanned it with Avast Premier (full version of avast) and this was the result of both 64 and 32 bit
      So I really belive that it is a false positive =)

      • I figured it was, since most “cheats” do register as “viruses” or “malware” but better to check and let you know than assume just in case someone had hacked the site.


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