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Hey everyone. 

It’s been very quiet here since the mass banwave and nude mods no longer working. I’ve updated the forum with the new theme to match the rest of the website. If you find any bugs let me know.


Regarding the arctium launcher
I’ve tried to answer all questions and comments on my site when people ask. Commonly people ask for an update of the launcher or for a release date. I can’t say for certain, all I know is there will be one sometime soon as I do not make it myself, I only host it on my site. However I cannot stress it enough that I do not recommend people to use it due to blizzard now having mass banned once, I would not want to risk being banned again using this.

What I also know is that in the upcomming update of this arctium launcher, it will only allow nude patches that has been white listed by arctium themselves as the new launcher will check constantly to their server if non white listed mods are used. This is likely to prevent any cheat mods from being used with the arctium launcher, so that only nude patches that arctium allows can be used.


How do we get nude mods working again safely?
I don’t know for certain, it could very well be the end of it. What I know so far is that cheaters and exploiting people probably used arctium launcher to use their bots and cheating mods to gain an advantage over others and this forced blizzard to look into how they activate their cheats and they probably got to know about the arctium launcher and simply mass banned anyone using it. This is only speculation but it would make sence.


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  • by white list… you mean only nude skins and edits and no cheats? Im not plannin on using the new method gut still wandted to know what you mean by white list.

    • Arctium will likely have a mod from some creator and make a hash string that the server checks for so that only certain nude mods (files) are allowed, that would be my guess about how they handle it.

      • hi no news on the models nue for bfa thank you in advance for an answer

        • The only advice i can give you is to join the arctium discord server by following the link on their own website:

          On their server you can read about new updates regarding their launcher. Try look under announcement channel on their discord =)

          • thank you but it is updated but the nude patch does not work anymore

          • It can be that it is a different way to install the nude patch now, i’m not sure how it is done now as I have not wanted to toy around with this after the mass ban wave, you’d have to try ask around on the discord about how one adds a nude patch to wow in the NSFW wow channels I’d guess

  • if thats the case that would kinda suck I can see them hardcore outragous boob n booty fans pissed if thats the cast….. from my prosective, seems to me their new nude projection toy/ arctium is goin be a tryant in away sayin what mobs can n cant be used
    if I understand it all lol but its just a theroy we’ll see soon enough ☺☺☺

    • Basically any nude mod artist will need to contact them, and upload their mod to them and they verify it as non cheating mod and white list it, making it useable with the arctium launcher.

      That said though, I really would still not use that launcher, not worth risking your account over it.

  • yea I have now intentions to use it the first banhammer spoked me enough and my account was made back in 04 hell I still have my lock I started bak in 04 on it
    thx for the info, clearing things up

  • Hey i talk with the developer of arctium that it said, no ban will give at the moment because that was not the arctium launcher which was target but the bot mod used so now no ban will be given (that what it say to me but you use it at your own risk) sorry for the english i’m french

    • Regardless, I would tell people not to use it on their main account, it is really not worth risking your main account over that, however much you hunger for nude patch. If you want to use it do it on an alt account and better yet on a fresh battle net account that is not linked to your main account.

  • Hey, I know you aren’t going to use the new launcher, but could you give a little tutorial on how to add the mods to it now? it seems like it’s going to be done differently, and honestly I don’t understand how to do it at all.

    • I have not tried the newly released version for obvious reasons so I can’t exactly tell you how other then how it worked before, where you just have to place the Character, Creature or Item folders in the main wow folder and then you just had to run the actium launcher

      So if they made any changes for the new version I will have to say I’m sorry but I do not know

  • Hey, i cannot find a version for Wrath Of The Lich King (12340)
    If you could help with that version, that would be awesome!

  • Any idea if the old MPQ’s will work once the classic servers come online?

    • Classic WoW uses a modified Legion WoW client as far as I understand. That also means it still uses the new CASC system and not MPQ like before the WoD expansion.

      That will mean it isn’t as easy as it was back in the day. #NoChanges ?

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