Azerothica BFA Nude Patch Update

I’ve updated the BFA Nude Patch to include the new allied races Kul Tiran Humans & Zandalari Trolls, both hairy and shaved editions. If you use my nude patch previouisly, then simply download a new fresh copy and before you apply it please delete the Item folder from the earlier version before you replace the files. This is because the old files in the Item folder have renamed and you no longer need the previous files.

Ralia’s Nude Patch has also received a small update, so it now includes the new Demon Hunter Belt fix in the zip file, and the same applies here if you previously used this, delete the item folder and then insert the new one from this update =)



  • Added Kul Tiran Human nude skins.
  • Added Zandalari Troll nude skins.
  • Fixed Demon Hunter belt so it is hidden again. A special thanks to Cyelaina for making this fix <3

9 Responses to Azerothica BFA Nude Patch Update

  • ok haha

  • i wanted to ask if there is a problem if i started the game with the offical launcher if i have the patch installed ? and i wanted to ask if there is a change to have a patch which added sexy map when pressed the M button (well the patch i mean was very old i belive it was a patch befor cata ^^)

  • I noticed that even with the new demon hunter patch fix from cyelaina for the loincloth now the underwear is back and bra so no more nude demon hunters it is on both the night elf and blood elf models

    • edit this comment from before it is the demon hunter skins themeselves that both night elves and blood elves have to choose that give the underwear and bra the normal skins for each race is nude

      • I just checked the hairy and shaved edition zip files, they both contain the nude skins for the specific demon hunter skin tones.

        Try check your character folder for night elf and blood elf female, if you have the skin files:

        Night Elf:
        NightElf_FemaleSkin00_13_HD up to NightElf_FemaleSkin00_19_HD

        Blood Elf:
        BloodElfFemaleSkin00_13_HD up to BloodElfFemaleSkin00_18_HD

        You can try download a fresh copy of my nude patch and add it, because the skin files are inside the zip files you download =)

        • when i download the shave version of your mod it doesn’t contain the Night Elf:
          NightElf_FemaleSkin00_13_HD up to NightElf_FemaleSkin00_19_HD in the extracted form from zip format

  • The night elf folder is the one in the shave download that is missing the files i checked it compared to the hairy version

    • I went to look again, and I noticed that the actual FemaleSkin file 13 to 19 were there but the Torso and Pelvis skins from 13 to 19 were missing, which means the bra would still be overlayed on top of the naked body skin, this has now been corrected, and thanks for notifying me =)

      Simply just download the shaved patch again and you should see nude skins working for all demon hunter skins =)

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