wow launcher update

I’ve added the new v8.0.1-27980 arctium launcher to the download page. I’ll post further updates on this post if we get more micro updates in the near future =)

Update 1 (October 19th): Added patch v8.0.1-28153 to download section.

4 Responses to wow launcher update

  • Is there anyway to change wow account? I keep getting my old account. Thanks

    • I’m pretty sure that once you log in, and type email and password you can choose which account you want to log into, otherwise try look into your WTF folder and edit config file with notepad or similar, and look for

      SET accountList “!WoW1|”

      you can either delete this line or change wow1 to wow 2 or something =)

  • any eta on possible model change nudes?

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