WoD Models Work in progress

Update: The WoD models can be found on the forum, you’ll need to register to view the forum. The models posted on the forum is not the final version, but you can download them and have fun =)


Boggtroll (a contributor on the Azerothica forum) has been working quite a bit lately, to create model changes to the new WoD models. I very much appreciate his work. Below you can find the current models that have been worked with. And soon I will add the nessasary models to my own “Azerothica” nude patch. However if you would like to have the largest tits possible you can always head on over to the forum, and read his post and download all of the different types of tit sizes that you enjoy. His thread can be found here: http://www.forums.azerothica.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=161

More models will follow soon, but if you would like to test them out right away, you can find all the download links on Boggtrolls forum post =)


Human Female HD:



Dwarf Female HD:



Draenei Female HD:




Orc Female HD:





55 Responses to WoD Models Work in progress

  • So… any updates? lol. No changes for 6 months…

    • Nope, boggtroll is not really around, so theres only the work in progress models which are linked in the post, to my forum where you can try them out

  • I downloaded the Fixed exe and the wod-model-change-nude-patch. I can see my alt nude when I remove all the clothes and gear. But I thought this patch would make all female npcs nude as well. Does it only affect your female alt, after removing all clothes and nobody else? Are NPCs or other players supposed to nude too, or just my own that I’m playing? If its supposed to aftect all females in the game, what am I doing wrong, or missing?

    • Only player characters are naked, not NPCs. Its only yourself that can see these characters naked as the nude patch is on your own computer.

  • I need to join azerothica to download this. when I try to register it asks me “who owns the site” as a question to stop bots” cannot find this answer anywhere, or any other way to get this mod. any help would be appreciated.

    • You type in my name =)

      • ok every time I try to log into Azerothica which I have regstir twice now with my email kingopn9590@—— user name kok n PW on login I tryed my username since it asked for that I got n wrote my email
        but got username is incorrect n my email took the place of my username after I got the tell
        so I tried my email n pw………. got the same results
        so I register with anther email……. went throught the same crap
        like the dwarf model …….no edit on darknest meets what u and ur friend did:P

  • Oh ty Esidien☺☺ I must’ve missed a part ty tho

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