Ralia's Nude Patch - Release


I’ve talked with Ralia from the Darknest forums and I can now present her nude patch to all of you. It has been added to the downloads section of my site. With this new addition to my site, I also had to restructure the downloads section a little to accommodate the new section for Ralia, just so it is more sepperated from the official nude patch from me.

In the future it is likely that Ralia might also add armor and clothing patches, and Cyelaina will also have her own section with all her fun nude mods =)

4 Responses to Ralia’s Nude Patch – Release

  • These look great! But in the sample pics, the pandaren doesn’t have a loincloth. In game, however, the loincloth is there. I did a fresh download, and made sure my Launcher is up-to-date. Any thoughts, or maybe I did something wrong?

    • This small edit has now been added to the patch, you can re-download it and it should now work =)

  • cann u make modelchange patches? i start to donate for it ^^

    • In the future perhaps there will be but I don’t have the experience to make it, I only make nude skins myself and so does Ralia.

      However, it might be possible that Cyelaina can assist making some =)

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