Fixed wow exe 5.4.1 uploaded

The fixed wow.exe for patch 5.4.1 has been uploaded. New patches will always be uploaded as soon as possible, you do not have to beg for updates, they will come reguardless.

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  • Hey, not to sound picky or anything but i’ve noticed that all the female races are rather enhanced… except the tauren. I’m asking if they could get enhanced as well, if not, at least an answer why would suffice. 🙂

  • Humans need their breasts enlarged

    • scroll down n click on{{ MeandMrsjones’ Mod Cafe (Updated Belf, Draenei, Nelf Models and skirt textures) }} i personally like the human breast the way they r but some like them big lol

      Garu if im not wrong the cow (tauren) doesnt have a 3D model nore does the gnome n panda
      would be kinda impossible or if it can be done a pain in the ass to enhance a toon with no 3D model i would think

    • Don’t even think about it!

      The human breasts are -perfect- in this mod.

      In fact I believe they’re the best you can find anywhere. Every other mod has stupidly large breasts that totally fuck up armour and tabard patterns.

  • When i start wow and log in it tells me to do a patch, and when i hit patch It tells me it failed to apply the patch. Can someone please help me??

    • try openin ur wow folder and click on ur World of Warcraft Launcher n play wow with out the fix exe for awhile be4 puttin it back on

      absol just run the world of warcraft launcher i bet that will fix it, not sure tho i never DL patches from sites i let the laucher/blizzard system DL

  • i downloaded the new update but when ever i login on a character i have name bars everywhere.
    is there anyway how to fix this?

  • asd well well well I wish u have BE NNN

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