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What does this fixed wow exe do?

The fixed wow.exe forces wow to open custom patches such as the Azerothica Nude Patch.

Why is it needed?

The fixed wow.exe is needed to run any custom patch that makes changes to 3d models. The Azerothica Model Change nude patch changes the female characters in World of Warcraft and that means this is needed for that nude patch to run.

“Cannot stream required archive data. Please check your network connection” Error:(Blizzard MPQs)

Basically one or more of your Blizzard MPQs isn’t completed. Thus WoW is trying to stream data but can’t since the patched exe has “Wow.mfil” disabled.

Go to the Html page made by Jh16 and select your locale. >>Clicky<<

Note: this isn’t completed yet so I will need help in knowing the structures in different Data folders. For the most part they should be the same, if you find something that is missing or needs to be changed please send me a PM to Jh16 on Darknest Here >>Clicky<<
After you select the locale find the MPQ that is listed in the streaming error and click on it and it will start to download.

If you want to backup your current MPQ you can remove it from its directory before you place the newly downloaded MPQ into its place.

Once you place the new downloaded MPQ into the location the original was located you should be able to use the patched exe.

If you continue to get streaming errors for different Blizzard MPQs just continue to download and place them into their respective directories until you are able to get to the login screen without a streaming error.

You can find a more extended F.A.Q here:

Note: Older fixed wow exe’s may not work on Private Servers, as they were ment for retail servers.

Make sure you backup your wow.exe before applying the fixed exe.


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Fixed wow exe’s 3.x.x