WoW Nude patch update 5.4.0

As you know it’s patch day. And with that there’s the usual hassle with updating my nude patch. This will be done, so sit back and relax and check back later as I will update this post when things get sorted out.

Edit: Fixed exe’s for wow 5.4.0 has been added to the download page. Simply just download a new exe, you do not need to download the nude patch itself again, only a new exe.


Edit 2: 5.4.0-17371 has been added to the download page.


Edit 3: 5.4.0-17399 has been added to the download page.

69 Responses to WoW Nude patch update 5.4.0

  • I know you’ve hashed over it several times but I can’t get your mod to work. I have put them in the proper data folder, removed the pieces you stated to remove, and launched without using the launcher. However, the models haven’t been changed. Is there anything I might be missing??

  • This is my first time trying this and its not working, i know im probably doing something wrong some help would be nice.

  • How i do for your nude patch in 3.3.5?

  • Hello bRothet I have 5.0.1 and 434 I like To ply This Server Have Realem ? Or I Can ply in all Server ?

  • Hey there! Wvrything works fine, but the pandaren underwear refuses to go away even when I’ve bought a pair of knitted pants. Tried to wear them aswell and relogg but it wont work. help?

  • Hey the nude patch dont work for 5.4.7 are you going to fix it? 🙂

  • how delate nude pach? how uninstall it

  • Have you ever tried to make this patch available for the Public Test Realm (PTR)?

    • I don’t bother about PTR servers. However the “non model change” nude patch should work on PTR servers.

  • hello m8 can yu fix this mpq ( if possible fix tabard show full when character not have items and only have tabard ) its problem to make tabard full show not half ??

    • You will need to contact the model editor that I have linked in the credits section on the Darknest forum. Just look at the list and the race in wow that you are having issues with.

  • Is there any chance that you could make the deviate delight and bling-a-tron transformations nude, please. 😀

  • How do ya download fixed wow exe?

  • Why the mods not work with the private servers, that is an injustice.

  • Where is download link?

  • Hi. I just loaded this up, and tried it with my existing char. Works like a charm. But I have also just stumbled across two issues, that not sure any one has voiced. The first, and more critical one I have found, DO NOT use the fixed EXE first. Load up the client first, then the fixed WOW.exe. I found that it will not load WOW unless the client is up.

    The other issue I found is, if making a new character, while it will make your new char, ir seems it does not like the opening cinematic. It kept crashing the game on me trying to load the new char, but, it looks to work fine after passing the opening scene. So, less it is a bug on my end, I suggest using the original client, till after making a new char.

  • so im a mac user. based on other stuff ive read on how to install, do i need to have the fixed wow.exe. to get this nude patch to work? also, if i do. will one every come out for macs? all i see is one for pc

    • ive done what the readme tells me to. going into data/cache/enUS/ replace file. not sure if this is all i would need to do. again, seems like i need the “fixed wow.exe.” which is only for pc atm

    • I’ve experimented with the Mac’s client months ago. I was able to get it to work but it was so long ago I’m not sure if I could duplicate the results.

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