Fixed-wow-exe-7.3.5-26755 released

Update 3: Added patch 7.3.5-26972 to download section.

Update 2: Added patch 7.3.5-26899 to download section.

Update 1: Added patch 7.3.5-26822 to download section.

I’ve added a fixed wow exe for the 26755 update, it’s in the download page. Again if your anti virus says its a bad file it’s a false positive. My avast complained about it as an example.

7 Responses to Fixed-wow-exe-7.3.5-26755 released

  • Im still kinda new to this, this is the thing that will fix the skins right?

  • hey, i am unable to start the game via your fixed .exes since 7.3 when blizzard changed something in their code. just getting windows error message that wow had a problem and must be closed. any fix for that?

    • You can try either repairing wow, or try disable antivirus temporarily. I have had my avast-antivirus complaining about it before

      • wow is running fine if i dont install a nude patch. also tried disabling my antivirus but it doesnt help.

      • It seems a bit strange to me, im thinking try use the nude patch I have here on my site the Legion Patches, as any earlier patch you find on my site might break your game.

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