This cloth patch does not contain a nude patch, download a nude patch from the Azerothica site


Please note that this patch requires fixed wow exe to work. This also means that this patch will only work on PC, and will not work for Mac users.

Download fixed exe

How to install:

Read the install instructions within the zip file


This clothing patch is made by Arohk from the Darknest forum. He has the full credits over this clothing patch. You can find the original thread here:



Download Arokhs Armory for Mists of Pandaria


Fetish Gear

List for fetish gear:

      1. Knitted Tunic / Knitted Pants
      2. Footpad’s Shirt / Foodpad’s Pants (alliance)-
      Thug shirt / thug pants(Horde)
      3. Acolyt’s Shirt / Acolyt’s Pants
      4. Recruit’s Shirt / Recruit’s Pants (drenai)
      Defiat Surpreme, Ninja Costume
      5. Scout’s Shirt / Scout’s Pants
      6. Squire’s Shirt / Squire’s Pants
      7. Recruit’s Shirt / Recruit’s Pants (human)
      8. Green Woolen Vest / Heavy Woolen Pants
      9. Padded Armor / Padded Pants
      10. Neophyt shit / neophyt Pants
      11. Brown linen shirt / Handstitched Linen Britches
      12. Blue linen Shirt / Brown Linen Pants
      13. Recruit’s Shirt / Recruit’s Pants (night elf)
      14 Squire’s Shirt / Squire’s Pants (human)
      (Pink Mageweave Shirt for Arm Sleeves)
      15. Initiate’s Shirt / Initiate’s Pants
      16. Warder’s Shirt / Warder’s Pants
      17. Rugged Trapper’s Shirt / Rugged Trapper’s Pants
      18. Thug Shirt / Thug Pants
      19. Lookout’s Tunic / Lookout’s Pants
      20. Brawler’s Harness / Brawler’s Pants (Horde)
      Thin Cloth Armor / Thin Cloth Pants (Alliance)
      21. Thick Cloth Vest / Thick Cloth Pants
      22. Heavy Weave Armor /Heavy Weave Pants
      23. Azure Silk Vest / Azure Silk Pants
      24. Blackened Defias Armor / Blackened Defias Leggings
      25. Russet Vest / Russet Pants
      26. Red Mageweave Vest / Shadoweave Pants
      27. Rough Leather Vest / Rough Leather Pants
      28. Cured Leather Armor / Cured Leather Pants
      29. Blue Overalls
      30. Crimson Silk Vest / Crimson Silk Pantalons
      31. Handstitched Leather Vest / Handstitched Leather Pants
      32. Cuirboulli Vest / Cuirboulli Pants
      33. Fine Leather Tunic / Fine Leather Pants
      34. Patchwork Armor / Patchwork Pants
      35. Calico Tunic / Calico pants
      36. Cracked Leather Vest / Cracked Leather Pants